Constitution and By Laws

Article I: Name

Section 1:

The name of this organization shall be the "Forest Greens and Perryman Community Association", hereinafter called the "Association"


Article II: Boundaries

Section 1:

For the purpose of the Association, the term "Community" shall mean and consist of that geographical section of the Second Election District of Harford County in the State of Maryland bounded by and extending along the westerly side of Aberdeen Proving Ground from Sod Run northerly to the city of Aberdeen boundary to Route 40 to Church Creek then south and easterly along Bush River to Sod Run. 


Article III: Purpose

Section 1:

The continuing purpose of the Association shall be to promote a good neighbor relationship among the members; to enhance the general aesthetic conditions; to maintain and improve the natural environment; to encourage an orderly growth in family residences and businesses and, when necessary, take a stand on land use exceptions, any zoning reclassification, and any "spot" or "variance" zoning; all within the community as herein defined.

Section 2:

The Association shall be non- political and non-sectarian.


Article IV: Membership

Section 1:

Any owner of residential property and/or resident within the Community, as defined in Article II, Section 1, shall be eligible to apply for membership in the Association.

Section 2:

All eligible persons shall be considered members upon payment of annual dues.

Section 3:

Non eligible persons or commercial businesses may be proposed and upon approval, all as hereinbefore defined, and upon payment of the annual dues, shall be considered "Associate Members". Said Associate Members shall not hold any office in the Association but shall have a vote on any business of the Association.

Section 4:

The right to vote shall be contingent upon paid membership subject to a maximum of two (2) votes per household member over eighteen (18) years of age unless an additional member in one household shall own property within the Community separate from that of the household, in his or her own right.

Section 5:

The fiscal year of the Association shall be from the first day of November to the last day of October in the following year.


Article V: Government

Section 1:

The government and management of the Association shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of the officers and five (5) additional directors.

Section 2:

The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The officers shall be elected at the Annual meeting by the membership of the Association for a term of two (2) years, such term to correspond with the fiscal year of the Association.

No more than three (3) directors, other than  officers, shall be elected at the annual meeting by the membership of the Association for a term of three (3) consecutive fiscal years.  The two new directors elected in 2008 shall be elected to terms of two (2) and three (3) years respectively.

A nominating Committee consisting of four (4) members who are charter members or who have been members of the Association for at least two (2) years shall be appointed by the Board of Directors at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting; to the extent practicable, two (2) from the Perryman Area, two (2) from the Forest Greens area. Any member may nominate a candidate from the floor provided written consent of the nominee has been previously obtained.

In any election, the respective candidates receiving the plurality shall be declared elected.

Section 3:

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors; shall appoint all special and standing committees except the nominating committee; and shall perform all duties usually pertinent to his office. The President shall be an ex- officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

The Vice President shall assist the President and, in the absence of the President, shall discharge the duties of that office. In case of the removal, resignation, or death of the President, the Vice President shall fill the unexpired term.

The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Association and of the Board of Directors; shall keep the membership roll and call the roll when required; shall maintain a list of all committees; shall issue notices of all meetings; and shall perform all other proper duties pertaining to the office.

The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the Association; such to be deposited in a bank approved by the Board of Directors, subject to the check for payment of such accounts as are authorized or approved by the Board of Directors.  Said Association checks are to be countersigned by the President. The Treasurer shall make financial reports to the Board of Directors as called for and shall make a financial report to the members at the Annual Meeting. Financial records shall be audited by the Board of Directors or by a committee appointed for that purpose.

Section 4:

Any vacancies occurring in office, with the exception of the Presidency, shall be filled by the Board of Directors for the remainder of the unexpired term.


Article VI: Meetings

Section 1: 

The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held on a generally convenient date, provided that such shall not be before the first Monday in September, nor after the last Monday in October, and further provided that at least fourteen (14) days or two (2) weeks prior written notice thereof shall have been mailed or delivered to each member.

Section 2

 The President may call for a special general membership meeting if an emergency should arise by giving such advance notice thereof to the members as may be expedient.  Additional general membership meetings shall be held upon fifteen (15) members giving written notice of such request to the President.

Section 3:

Issues requiring a vote shall be decided by a majority vote of those members present at the Annual Meeting or any special meeting.  Twenty-five (25) percent of the number of members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.  Four (4) members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum in any meeting of that body.  In issues before a meeting of the Board of Directors requiring a vote, should a tie occur, the presiding officer shall withdraw.


Article VII: Dues

Section 1:

The dues for membership in the Association shall be ten dollars ($10.00) per fiscal year per membership, payable to the Treasurer; said membership to include one (1) household.

Section 2:

Any membership who shall fail to pay the required dues by the last day of the fiscal year (October 31) for which said dues are payable, shall be automatically suspended. Upon payment of the dues which are in arrears, any suspended membership shall be automatically re-instated.

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