Minutes from the Fall 2011 meeting have been posted.

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Forest Greens/Perryman Community Association Meeting

The Forest Greens-Perryman Community Association held the fall meeting on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at 7:00pm at Clorox. There were 45 people in attendance.

Harry Webster introduced the officers and Board of Directors:

Harry Webster, President

Mike Carr, Vice President

Paul Tracy, Treasurer (not present)

Chuck Mezan, Secretary

Kurt Turner, Board Member

Heather Cisar, Board Member (not present)

Glenn Dudderar, Board Member

Andy Powell, Board Member

Mike Gilbert, Board Member (not present)

The following guests and local representatives were in attendance.

  • Mary Ann Lisanti - Harford County Council District F
  • Glen Glass – House of Delegates District 34A

Harry thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and thanked Clorox for the use of the meeting room again this year. Harry gave a brief update from Dan Rein, Plant Manager of Clorox. Since Jan/Feb 2011 Clorox is not producing Clorox at the facility. Since the plant was constructed chlorine and other chemicals were brought to the facility by truck or railcars to produce Clorox products. To reduce costs Clorox now invest in product made somewhere else and shipped into the Perryman facility in a diluted mixture. This is a much lower risk of a hazardous spill. If a spill occurs it goes into ground and turns into salt water.

The November 2010 meeting minutes were approved by the Board in a Spring meeting and are posted on the www.fgpca.com website.

Treasurers Report

Kurt Turner gave the treasurer’s report for Paul Tracy who was out of town this week. The annual report was from November 2010 to October 2011. The expenses included administration fee, donations, web site hosting and development committee expenses. The balance as of 10/30/2011 was $5,261.

Kurt is taking the 2012 membership dues of $10.


Ken Shannon read the nomination committee report which proposed the following 2 board member positions for 3 years: the reelection of Kurt Turner and Andy Powell. In addition, Heather Cisar has requested that PJ Cisar fill the remaining year of her position as a Board Member.

Bob Seaman made a motion was made to approve the slate and Irma Smith seconded the motion. Harry thanked all the members of the board for their service.

Neighborhood Watch Program Report

Andy Powell gave a brief overview of the Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) in the Perryman and Forest Greens area. Andy also announced that he needs someone else to step forward to be the assistant coordinator of the program. The Sheriff’s office is requiring another contact in case Andy is unavailable. He then introduced Deputy Jody Nickoles and Deputy Brad Crossley from the Harford County Sheriff’s office who gave their yearly report to the community.

The calls for service over past year:

  • Park Beach Drive – suspicious incidents calls which are good (NWP is doing their job), some investigations, harassment calls, burglary, 911 call hang-up, alarm systems, domestic, fraud.
  • Fords Lane – 2 calls but initiated from sheriff’s office (patrol checks)
  • Irish Lane – hang-up, burglary from shed
  • Poplar Grove Road – search warrants, domestic, suspicious,
  • Stockham Lane – vandalism, eviction
  • Railroad Ave – suspicious, drug call, burglary, summons, evictions, many domestics
  • Forest Greens Road – domestic, fraud, a lot summons papers

Sheriff’s also discussed the prescription drug take back program. They informed the community not to flush them but take them to one of the take back programs or back to the pharmacy.

80% of overdoes in county are prescription drugs so the program helps take these drugs out of the area.

A member asked the Sheriff how to deal with repeat offenders in rental units. The response was there was nothing from law enforcement perspective but Mary Ann said they are working on a task force to address the problem with land lords (training, holding accountable).

Another good resource for local crime reports is online through www.crimereports.com.

If anyone is interested in expanding the program to other streets in the community contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Community Council & Redistricting

Mary Ann Lisanti presented the changes that were made last year to create the Bush River Community Council in the southern Harford County area. The Bush River Community Council includes Perryman, Riverside and some of the Abingdon.

The community council areas are also used in the County’s Master Plan for demographics, schools, community services, etc.

Every 10 years the county council maps are reviewed and modified based on population and growth. Mary Ann said the original proposal would have changed 22 precincts in the county. But the final revised map was approved last week which contained changes to only about 5 precincts.

Master Land Use Plan for 2012

The County’s draft Master Land Use Plan for 2012 was published in Fall 2011 and public comments ended on November 10. The County Council will have public hearings on the plan during the Winter of 2011/2012 with adoption of the plan in the Winter of 2012.

Complete details on the plan is available at: http://www.harfordcountymd.gov/PlanningZoning

Development Committee Report

Chuck Mezan and Mike Carr gave updates on the development in our area.

Perryman Station

Chuck said that the 80 unit rental apartments at Perryman Station are leased and there is a waiting list. They have been good neighbors to our community association by providing a tour of the property as well as allowing us to hold development committee meetings in the multi-purpose room.

MTA Rail Maintenance & Layover Yard

Chuck provided information on the potential of the property between APG and Amtrak north of Michaelsville Road. Several years ago this property was to be developed as OPUS Eastgate Industrial Park.

In 2009, Maryland Transit Administration’s (MTA) Office of Planning issued RFI from property owners, real estate brokers, local Economic Development offices, and others to assist the MTA in identifying and assessing sites for a proposed MARC Commuter Rail maintenance and layover yard. MTA acquired that the property:

  • Approximately fifty (50) to one hundred (100) developable acres to construct a rail yard on the Amtrak Northeast Corridor (NEC)
  • Accommodate a full MARC rail yard and shop complex approximately 5,600 feet in length (including lead tracks), parallel to the NEC, with access at both ends.
  • Adjacent to or within one quarter (1/4) mile of the NEC
  • Appropriate zoning (non-residential)
  • Accessible to the state and national highway network 24 hours, 7 days per week.


The benefits of this type of development over the previous OPUS Eastgate Industrial Park are:

  • Reduced development footprint (OPUS had max. allowed under current zoning)
  • Auto and truck traffic greatly reduced
  • 2/3 of site would be devoted to land conservation
  • Greater well head protection and improved water quality
  • Building on < 2% of site (3.5 acres of 243 total)

If MTA approves this property the fastest this project would be completed is 4 years. It will take 3 years for construction to be completed.

Chelsea Road Warehouse

Mike Carr said that the development of the new warehouse next to the warehouse that is occupied by Bob’s Furniture will be constructed without a tenant.

Perryman Woods/River Walk Development Phase II

The Perryman Woods development has been approved since last year but there has been no further progress on the property.

Sewer Project

Mike Carr provided diagrams of the new sewer line which has been approved. Currently a pump station and line is being installed off of Mitchell Lane at Fred’s Welding. An easement was also approved by the property owners down Canning House Road which will allow a new line under Bush River down Canning House Road to Sod Run treatment plant.

There will also be a project to reline the current sewage pipe across the river.

Transportation Report

Route 715 Construction

Chuck Mezan gave a report on the MD-715, US-40 and MD-7 improvements. Construction of phase 1 of the project is underway which increases the road to 3 lanes in each direction from the APG Gate to the Amtrak bridge.

Phase 2 of the project, from the Amtrak bridge to US-40, has a completed conceptual design by the SHA and is going through approval and permitting. This phase will:

  • Upgrade MD-715 interchange to US-40,
  • Widening MD-715 to 3 lanes in each direction
  • Widening MD-7 34 feet for left, one-through, and right turn lanes

During construction a temporary left hand turn across US-40 to MD-715 South will be implemented with a stop light. The community felt this would push commuters to use MD-7 from US-40 to MD-715 and cause a major backup out of the Perryman area.

Ken Shannon asked if a bike lane existed in the conceptual design on MD-7. Chuck said it did not appear to be included in the current design and only the MD-7 intersection was being upgraded.

Chuck said there would be a community input meeting in early 2012 once the design has been approved. The project is estimated to be completed by mid-summer 2013.

Aberdeen Train Station (TOD)

Chuck provided a brief overview of Aberdeen’s Transit Oriented Development visioning plan. The City has had 15 years of feasibility studies, assessments and market analysis on the Aberdeen train station.

They had a visioning planning process through Spring & Summer of 2011. There was a public open house on October 13 where a conceptual visioning plan was introduced to the public. The Aberdeen MARC/AMTRAK Station has been given priority at the State and given the TOD designation.

Other Transportation Projects

MD-7 and MD-159 project placed on hold in engineering phase on 10-14-2011

The Perryman access road from US-40 to Ford’s Lane lost funding for this year at County Council. Mary Ann said the community was not involved in the planning of the access road into the community. So Mary Ann and Council President Billy Boniface developed legislation to remove the access road from the budget.

Parks and Recreation

Several FGPCA board members attended the Harford County Parks & Recreation meeting held on Sept 16, 2011 in Bel Air and Harry gave a brief overview of the meeting.

Per Arden McClure, Director of P&R, every six years, HC updates its land preservation, parks & recreation plan. Per the County, “The land preservation parks & recreation plan is an element of the County master plan and implements the broader goals established by the land use plan. It will address future needs to continue the high quality of life expected by HC citizens”. This update process is required by the State of MD for continued participation in Program Open Space, a major funding source for park land acquisition and development.

At that meeting Harry informed the county director of the needs in the Perryman Peninsula for a public boat ramp, need for more preserved open space in the area to buffer the APG operation and provide additional wildlife habitat, the community plans for a walking trail to connect Fords Lane Park with Forest Greens Lake, and recreation fields to serve the BRCC region.

At least two other board members completed the on-line survey asking for public input.

Other Business

Mary Ann Lisanti expressed a need to create an obesity task force in the County to recognize there is a serious problem. 60% of Harford County kids are overweight or obese. Mary Ann recognizes that people should be allowed to eat what they like but from a legislative body there are things that can be done to ensure healthy alternatives are available to the youth. For example, currently only junk food is available in vending machines and there are not enough walking areas.

9:05pm – Meeting adjourned.

Development Committee Report

The Forest Greens – Perryman Community Association's (FGPCA), Development Committee has published the final version of the "Community's Recommendations for Development on the Perryman Peninsula".

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