The 2010 Neighborhood Watch Program held their annual meeting on Friday, October 15. Deputy Nichols from the Harford County Sheriff's Office came in and talked about the service calls in our areas. Again this year we are staying relatively low in the number of calls for service. There have been some issues with things being stolen out of cars in different areas. Sheiff Nichols restated not to leave vehicles unlocked.

Also Deputy Nickoles talked about GPS devices.  If you have one, be warned people are looking to steal them..  When you set up your GPS, DO NOT program in your home address in the "HOME" button.  If you do when you are away from home someone can steal your GPS, and they know you are not at home, so they hit the "HOME" button, and go straight to your house! So find the address of a business, store, church, or something (not your neighbor's house) that will get you close to home.

We had a good time socializing, and talking about our community.  We want to reach out to others in our area that are not involved and encourage them to get involved. For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Development Committee Report

The Forest Greens – Perryman Community Association's (FGPCA), Development Committee has published the final version of the "Community's Recommendations for Development on the Perryman Peninsula".

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