mosquito The Forest Greens - Perryman Community Association has submitted the application to have the Maryland Department of Agriculture do mosquito control activities in the Perryman & Forest Greens areas again in 2012. The Department will continue to emphasize modern pest management principals in controlling mosquitos. Abatement efforts will include major emphasis on control at the source (larviciding), whenever possible. Property owners are encouraged to remove any unnecessary water holding containers.

Mosquito control will begin on June 1, 2012 and run through September 20, 2012. The Forest Greens/Perryman area will be sprayed on Wednesday evenings after dark if conditions warrant.

If you DO NOT want your property sprayed, complete the exemption form. Additional information can be found at the Maryland Department of the Environment website.

Development Committee Report

The Forest Greens – Perryman Community Association's (FGPCA), Development Committee has published the final version of the "Community's Recommendations for Development on the Perryman Peninsula".

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