{besps}/2012/woodducks|width=300|height=400|align=4|ctrls=0{/besps}The wood duck is considered by many to be one of the greatest birds in our Chesapeake Bay landscape. However, a decade ago, the wood duck population was in serious decline. The Maryland Wood Duck Initiative was founded by Cliff Brown to counteract this decline. Now thanks to Mr. Brown and his many volunteers, the wood duck population is on the rise - even in our neighborhood!

One of these volunteers is Bryon Bodt of Bodt Decoys. Bryon has installed 7 wood duck nesting boxes around Forest Greens Lake. He regularly monitors these nests and provides ongoing maintenance as needed.   In 2011 one of those boxes had a nest in it, and 9 out of 11 eggs hatched. This year (2012) 2 nests were established in nesting boxes, and 24 ducklings were hatched.

Mr. Bodt supervises the ongoing maintenance that is required to protect the eggs in these nesting boxes. If you see one during your visit to the Forest Greens Lake, please do not disturb the boxes. Rather, observe from afar and support this initiative to add wood ducks to the flyways over the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

For more information on the project visit Maryland Wood Duck Initiative.

Development Committee Report

The Forest Greens – Perryman Community Association's (FGPCA), Development Committee has published the final version of the "Community's Recommendations for Development on the Perryman Peninsula".

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